Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Edge of Heaven


 It was so long ago
     That day of pride and wrath
     Oh the tumbling, the falling--
     (and the hatred and fear that followed)
     The Sin
     Better to rule here than serve--
     Oh our will was iron
     But like rust, grief soon marred
     And in my heart I knew--still know
     One truth
     I miss you

     There is a distant light circling
     This wounded home
     And I know you are there
     But They say you never think of me
     And They say They never lie
     (They with wings of fire and eyes of ice)
     Yet I still cry out to you
     And--though They would never admit it--
     I know you hear me--your bound wings trembling

     This love is a faith that transcends all sin
     Pierces the heart
     Burns the eyes
     Screams in a voice to shatter all doubt
     A voice even They cannot avoid--in truth--
     Or deny

     One night, my love, I will rise
     To the edge of Heaven
     And kiss you
     When God is sleeping . . .