Saturday, October 11, 2014

I am a Writer

I am a Writer

In a world that seems to be rapidly spinning out of control, I hold up my hand to steady it.  My small hand.  My inconsequential hand. 

For me, it is enough that I try. 

I write not for a living, but because it is what I do.  Who I am.  This may be of little importance against the stark and horrific background of a world ravaged by hatred and fear, but to me it is an important act in the balance of the world.  A world where creativity and dreams are embraced is a world that still nurtures the possibility of positive change.  

I write about entertaining possibilities and challenges that spring not from hate or anger, but from inspiration and imagination and passion.

In my writings, I offer a few words of reflection and opinion and, perhaps, a smile or two to take one’s mind away from the stresses and sorrows of the world—if only for a few moments. 

I am not the cure for what ails the world, but I am proud in the fact that I do not contribute to those ailments.  I may not cure cancer.  I may not save anyone’s life.  I may not do anything worth remembering in my lifetime.  Despite the relative unimportance of what I do, I am ennobled by the intention. They’re only stories, writings, one could say, but in the spirit of such creativity and passion resides the hope of a better world.  From the spirit of such an endeavor come enough hands to steady the world….